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Digitisation and the resulting progress of Industry 4.0 provide companies with a wide range of opportunities. Existing processes can be auto-optimised through the acquired digitised data and thus shaped to be much more efficient. Making the most of this data correctly can also open up brand-new market possibilities and business fields.

Auto-optimisation of industry processes

With industryOn, Misurio delivers a software that is precisely tailored to the needs of its customers. industryOn optimises existing processes automatically, remotely and in real time. Thanks to predictive maintenance, faults are automatically rectified before they actually occur. Results are clearly displayed in a cockpit. Easy access is possible at any time using a laptop or smartphone.

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Industry On

Use case: IoT solution for coffee makers

Proactive maintenance of coffee makers and statistical analysis of data

The industryOn solution from Misurio offers manufacturers access to their customer’s machines in real time. In the event of an incident, they can remotely access the machines, rectify faults and optimally plan service work through proactive maintenance. Machine manufacturers can offer their customers additional services such as statistical analyses, business analyses and connections to other business data.


Use case: Digital factory

Orders find their way through a factory

Digitisation of production processes and order processing in sheet metal working: Production processes and order processing in sheet metal working are extremely challenging and require a holistic approach. Misurio creates a digital twin of the whole factory in order to optimise production processes with regard to costs and throughput times. Auto-optimisation takes into account production schedules, delivery deadlines and stock levels. Production schedules are dynamically adjusted and optimal route plans are created.