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energyOn offers products for power companies in the sectors of energy management, production and grids.

Auto-optimisation of flexible energy plants

energyOn products support customers with the auto-optimisation of flexible energy plants. Auto-optimisation means that the optimisation runs fully automatically and in real time. The comprehensive approach optimises trading in energy markets, reduces grid costs and improves energy efficiency. energyOn products thus contribute significantly to the implementation of an energy strategy.

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Energy management

BestBid – optimal bid strategy for schedule and control energy

BestBid enables the automated exploitation of flexibility and energy. Flexible energy systems are fully auto-optimised for markets for energy trading and system services. Operational restrictions and cost savings are taken into account at the same time.

Energy Markets
Intraday & Day-Ahead

Ancillary services
Primary, secondary, tertiary integrated markets

Balance Energy
Cost savings


SmartControl – auto-optimisation for the ideal pool management

Thanks to real-time process integration, the cascade and drain controller ensures optimal pool management within a power station cascade. The controller presents data for monitoring and controlling energy plants in a central cockpit.

Voltage Control

Grid control

VoltageControl – auto-optimisation for active and semi-active voltage stability

VoltageControl is a superordinate controller which regulates the idle power of generators, transformers and compensators. The grid is optimised with respect to the Swissgrid power plans.